Ableton Live 9 Suite 9.2.1 + Patch MacOSX (x64)

Ableton Live 9 Suite 9.2.1 + Patch MacOSX (x64)

Ableton Live 9 Suite v9.2.1 Mac OSX Final Version is a famous music maker application for Windows and Mac PCs includes all necessary tools and instruments to create amazing music sounds, create MIDI sounds, record voice and music and mix music live on stage. It allows you to compose, produce, compose and edit tracks in real-time with many options to choose from. This comprehensive virtual music studio Ableton Live 9 download for Mac has many improvements in the latest release and still based-on two mixing modes: Arrangement VS Session Mode.

Ableton Live 9 for Mac Features:

Ableton Live 9 Suite 9.2.1 Crack supports multi-track recording so now the user can easily record on multiple tracks up to 32-bit 192 Khz. It offers various audio effects to apply and numerous instruments to use. Effects such as VST, MIDI effects, Echo, Robot, Reverb, Fade in/out, etc.

Not only that, Ableton Live 9 Suite 9.2.1 Serial Number also offers audio editing tools for non-destructive audio files; edit audio without quality loss. The program supports all popular audio formats: MP3, OGG, WMA, WAV, FLAC, etc. Additionally, it support MIDI controllers like Sampler, Drum Machines, Electric, Synthesizer and many more.

Ableton Live 9 Installation Instructions:

Copy Ableton Live 9, Patch.command and Authorize.auz in Applications.
Patch Live: double-click on the .command file. When Terminal ask for password enter your OS X password and wait until the window show the message “Process completed”.
Authorize Live: right-click on the Authorize.auz file and open with (search Ableton Live 9.2).
That’s all. Enjoy Ableton Live 9 for Mac Full Version Download. Remember to disable auto updates in Live preferences.
Ableton Live 9 Suite 9.2.1 + Patch MacOSX (x64)

Title : Download Ableton Live 9 Suite
Manufacturer: Ableton
Shared on: August 6, 2015
Category: Mac OS X
System Requirements: Mac OS X (64-bit)


  • First step is to mount the dmg file and copy live to your application
    folder, but don’t open it yet!.

    Second, when you first open the dmg file
    from the download, there is file titled “AL9S V6 64-bit Patch” (this is
    because i used the 64-bit), open that folder and run the file
    “Patch.command”. at first, seems like if you type, nothing changes in
    the terminal, its okay, you just have to type in your Mac password (as
    in your log-in password that you enter after you turn on your mac), just
    type that password and press enter. it will say “patch installation
    complete”. If its not, then you put your password incorrectly, try to
    retype it slowly and carefully.

    After you finish this step, the last
    step is, in the same folder with “patch.command”, there is file titled
    “authorize.auz”, double click it, and it automatically open up your
    ableton live, and that’s it. “authorization complete” hope this will
    help you!

    Note: Make sure you are opening the patch.command properly.

    If you don’t see a Terminal window that requests your password you

  • Veiw boii

    My Ableton live app just bounces in the dock instead of actually loading. Then it says that the app is failing to respond. Please could you help me out

    • Veiw boii This problem can be caused by many reasons, especially due to hardware incompatibility with the software. Try this:

      Press [ALT] key while Live is launching, this will temporarily disable Live’s initial plug-in scanning. Live should start now again in cases where the crash was caused by a plug-in during scanning.

  • Comrade D

    How do I remove the patch?

  • t jay

    don’t quite know where to get or find the “Ableton Live 9” from the folder provided from the download.. need help SoftAsm please

    I got through with the patch.terminal by typing in my OSX password and pressing enter saying that the patch installation was complete but when I right clicked authorize.auz i couldn’t find the dmg file anywhere, did it come with the “AL9S V6 64-bit Patch” folder?

  • Sara Claire

    why cannot authorize? Help

  • GabeGuns

    “This authorization file is invalid on this computer.” ??

  • adicolor

    hi @softasm:disqus i’ve done all the steps correctly, but when i open Ableton Live with Authorize nothing happens. The icon of Ableton jumping and thats all, whats the problem?

  • Mad Mike Taker

    How i can download ? All your link is a fucking fake !

  • Aishwarya

    Hey I’ve done all the steps correctly, but when i open Ableton Live with Authorize nothing happens. The icon of Ableton jumping and thats all, whats the problem? Plz help..