Ableton Live 9 Suite 9.6.1 Crack Mac OS X

Ableton Live 9 Suite 9.6.1 Crack Mac OS X

Ableton Live v9.6.1 for Mac OS X is a sophisticated tool for creating and producing music live on stage. It gives you complete control over music with very high stability and provides professional set of tools to deliver a stunning music performance. The program’s interface offers two main views, Session view and Arrangement View, which interact in a unique way, allowing to create, produce and perform music in one application.

Ableton 9.6.1 Serial Mac Features:

The tool works in real time and synchronizes changes to the individual files. Ableton Live 9.6 Mac OS X allows you to edit and modify the selected tracks at any time. It is worth noting that to support the program, you can use the keyboard or controller. The application features a number of musical instruments, sounds, and other tools to create music from every genre. There are also a variety of effects to your processing and improve the sound.

In the framework of the Ableton 9.6 Crack for Mac users get: Ableton Live, 9 instruments to try, 41 effects to audio and MIDI processing, as well as the Max for Live, offering access to many instruments, effects and personalization options created by the community. Holders of an earlier edition of Ableton Live 8 can install a trial version of Ableton Live 9 Suite 9.6.1 with patch (x86-x64) Download without worrying that their collection of songs will be overwritten or modified.

Installation Instructions:

To Install the software:
Copy Ableton Live 9 in to Applications folder.
Copy Authorize.auz, Patch.command in to Applications folder.
Open Ableton Live 9 and Authorize later.
Quit Ableton…
Now run Patch.command (Terminal).
Open Ableton with Authorize.auz.
Remember, disconnect updates.
Enjoy Ableton Live v9.6.1 OS X Latest Full Version.

Ableton Live 9 Suite 9.6.1 Crack Mac OS X

Title : Download Ableton Live 9 Suite
Manufacturer: Ableton 2016
Shared on: May 6th, 2016
Category: Mac OS X
System Requirements: Intel Mac with Mac OS X 10.7 or later (32 bit and 64 bit).


  • Jewbroni

    So @SoftAsm, I’ve tried downloading the crack and everything, and now I’m finding that in order to complete my installation i need to install search text, mackeeper, zip cloud, AND Easy Shopper as well, and when i opt out of doing any of these additional steps i don’t receive the actual crack. whats the deal? i’ve downloaded multiple cracks before, and every time it comes with the Authorize. auz and patch command files, but with this particular file and any file relating 9.6.1 crack i’ve downloaded from you I get nothing. Installation says its complete, and then i go to check and all i get is fucking Easy Shopper (which you’ve added in with the initial installation step, NOT the additional recommendations). Why is this happening? Surely you aren’t forcing me to install adware, shopware, malware, etc as well just to get a single crack?

  • Rob

    downloaded everything and the install works all the way till i try to run the patch command and i get a pop up that says i do not have the right permissions, can anyone help?

  • Iggy

    got same problem with Rob. Tried to run patch command and it tells me that I don’t have permissions. What can I do?

  • Pineapple

    Rob, Iggy; I’ve found a solution to this issue but am now presented with a new one.

    To bypass the permissions issue, open terminal and type in the following command prompt; ‘chmod u+x /path/to/file.command’ – this should translate to something like, ‘chmod u+x /applications/patch.command’ – U is owner of the file, X adds execute.

    At this point you’ll notice errors for each command in the terminal. It’s attempting to edit files under Ableton Live 9 SUITE, but as you can see the application folder is Ableton Live 9 TRIAL. Change this application folder name to suit the requested path.

    Everything works fine thereafter, the only issue is that I’m faced with the following message upon executing the authorize.auz file; “License does not match your Live Trial installation”.
    SoftAsm is this no longer a working crack?

    • @disqus_YzwGa3qX1A:disqus @disqus_y2umLcqQr9:disqus Thanks Pineapple for providing solution to Iggy’s problem.

    • ElGambas

      Hi Pineapple, i tried to follow your advise but it doesn’t work for me, i’m locked at the following prompt… Nothing is happening

  • Ali

    it works you just have to put sudo then a space then drag your command file into the terminal , then press enter
    if it asks you for your password just type it in then press enter but the auz file wont work

  • adicolor

    ok now it works, but it says that my license does not match Live Trial, its cracked already or my version will be expired after 30 days?

  • anon

    Downloaded, everything works, except the auth file. says my license does not match the Live Trial, please fix this I can’t even use ableton since it’s 30 days trial have expired

    • @disqus_U05Dh6FPVE:disqus @disqus_D9rrQwZwnt:disqus it works you just have to put sudo then a space then drag your command file into the terminal , then press enter. if it asks you for your password just type it in then press enter but the auz file wont wor.

      • DJT

        Hey bud, I’m running into the same issue as anon – I even read previous responses that explained how to change the name of Ableton “trail” to “suite” to get the patch command to install properly. Still getting a license does not match the Live Trial error when trying to activate the auth file. I didn’t understand your last response “if it asks you for your password just type it in then press enter but the auz file wont wor.”?? Won’t work? I thought the who point was to get the aux file to work…

  • Harbordunrin Phemmy Damilare

    i really want to thank you guys for this Ableton suite for both mac and windows.I am an upcoming producer,i bought mtrack interface and it came with ableton life lite but as i was using dubspot to learn i discovered that the lite version was not professional enough and when i tried to upgrade to suite i was asked to pay 400usd.i managed to pay house rents how will i get such huge sum.Good products are only for the rich right? Thank you so much i’m making a video for you in Nigeria.Guys if you feel your work flow is reduced by using PC you could head on to or to get more instuctions on how to use windows os and mac osx for dj work or music production.I have hp intel corei5 pc with windows 10 and mac osx 10.10 on my pc.Please take one sure step at a time thanks

  • Taylor Burgess

    Would I be able to use my Akai board with the torrented ableton?

  • Raislee Joseph

    Cant auth..It says your licence does not match with trial version..anyone can help me?..I really need this.

  • Kezza

    Yeah i get patch to open fine in Terminal, and terminal throws out this message

    > Ableton Live 9 Suite v9.6.1 x86 Patch:
    > Applying patches…
    > Live is ready to authorize using the Authorize.auz!
    Saving session…
    …copying shared history…
    …saving history…truncating history files…
    [Process completed]

    Then I open up auz. file and says does not match your live trial installation! (And have removed Trial and replaced with Suite)


  • Pooja Mazoomdar

    Does this work with Mac OS Sierra ? I tried installing, it opens an install button and forms a drive on desktop. Kindly help. Unable to get Ableton Live

  • Alan Suárez

    Authorization file is not working, I´m getting same message as everybody here, ¨License does not match your live trial installation¨. Please help to get a new file!!!! 🙂

  • Snooker

    Two words to describe: not working

  • Noied

    its a virus

  • Ganesh Kumar Gujarathi

    thanks a lot softasm