Ableton Live 9 Suite 9.6.1 + Crack (x86-x64)

Ableton Live 9 Suite 9.6.1 + Crack (x86-x64)

Ableton Live 9.6.1 Final Version – Welcome to the most versatile and intuitive to the market of the sequencers. Ableton Live is a multitrack audio with MIDI support oriented musical performances live, but still valid for Studio work. Record, edit and mix music in a revolutionary way. Audio sequencers, also known as DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation), were traditionally complex programs to handle for the average user, given their willingness to incorporate the maximum number of possible benefits and above all, offer the best sound quality. Until the arrival of Ableton Live.

Ableton Live 9.6.1 Serial Features:

Music producers, DJs, live musicians, performers… Any professional sound will know how to get what you need from Ableton Live. Ableton Live 9.6.1 Crack Download allows you to create music of any genre.
Two modes of use to boost your creativity

If you do live performances, everything you need is the Session view, also known as view of Clips. It is a non-linear mode where you can record and play immediately your ideas in the order you want, very flexibly compose with absolute freedom and improvisation

– MIDI sequencer and multitrack real-time audio.
– Burn audio with a depth of up to 32 bits and a sampling rate of 192 kHz.
– Two modes of operation: Session and Arrangement.
– Non-destructive editing. Infinite undo command.
– VST support.
– Warp engine for the treatment of flexible audio samples.
– It includes its own collection of instruments and effects.
– Use it with external control surfaces.
– Import and export video.
– Supported file formats: AIFF, WAV, MP3, OGG Vorbis and FLAC.
– It works using Rewire with other sequencers.
– It includes support for The Bridge, the integration with Serato system.

Installation Instructions:

0- Extract “” for x86 or “” for x64.
1- Open [setup.msi] and install the software.
2- Do not open the program. Close it completely.
3- Go to crack folder and open “Ableton LivePatch [io].exe” as admin then patch “Ableton Live 9 Suite.exe”.
4- Use generated Authorize.auz to license. “Authorize.auz” can also be found in: C:\ProgramData\Ableton\Live 9 Suite\Program\Authorize.auz.
5- Enjoy Ableton Live 9 Suite 9.6.1 + Crack (x86-x64) Full Latest Release.

Ableton Live 9 Suite 9.6.1 + Crack (x86-x64)

Title : Download Ableton Live 9
Manufacturer: Ableton 2016
Shared on: April 12th, 2016
Category: Audio/MP3
System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 (32 bit & 64 bit).


  • Rusty Tanioan

    Thanks bro! I will try it now if it works.. Also i will give feedback when im done.. πŸ˜€ Nice Work bro!

    • Dj Harya Akbar[iG: ABK.1221]

      hey u really? this app work full?

  • Rusty Tanioan

    Bro it worked! Thanks a lot bro! Keep up the good work bro! πŸ˜€

    • @rusty_tanioan:disqus Your welcome. Thanks for your positive feedback. Enjoy Ableton Live 9 Suite 9.6.1 Crack Full Download.

  • Jewbroni

    Hey @SoftAsm, is there any chance this crack is available for Mac as well? i’ve been looking everywhere trying to find one and so far I’ve had no such luck.

  • isrellall

    how to download , what to press

    • Press the download link with file size.

  • Dj Harya Akbar[iG: ABK.1221]

    dude do u have max for life 6.1?

  • Laura

    authorisation not working? Hmm… says it’s not valid with my computer. Ideas?

    • Jasper Prowse

      bump. this is me too

    • Gio

      Live has automatic updates on by default, setting this option off will prevent Live to be updated to 9.6.2. Check that you’re still on 9.6.1, otherwise you must re-install so the patch can work with 6.1.

  • Rizky Adhitya

    hey! thanks man .. this is incredible .. simply to get thats files .. keep it up πŸ™‚

    • @rizky_adhitya:disqus Thank you for your comment. Keep visiting softasm. Enjoy Ableton Live 9 Suite 9.6.1 Crack Download.

  • Jasper Prowse

    Hey, the Authorize.auz file is apparently invalid on this computer? any ideas what I need to do

    • Jasper Prowse Hello. the authorization file works only on Windows computers. If you are on Linux, use this:

      The only working way is to use PlayOnLinux.
      Install Ableton (in win7 mode via configure wine). You can open it in trial mode to download the factory pack. close it.
      Now install a non listed application in PlayOnLinux select the ableton 9 drive location and launch the patch.
      Patch the ableton exe (it will ask for the file location) and explore the ~/PlayOnLinux’s virtual drives/AbletonLive9/drive_c/ProgramData/Ableton/Live 9 Suite/Program/ directory to find the .auz file (keep this folder opened)
      Open ableton from PlayOnLinux, drag and drop the auz file and wait.
      Ableton will register normally.
      Beware of update preferences in ableton. By default it’s set to auto update. Untick the automatic update will help.
      You must create a folder in your abletonlive9 drive C to export your projects or ableton will crash when saving a project.

    • Gio

      Live comes with automatic updates on by default, setting this option off will prevent Live to be updated to 9.6.2. Check that you’re still on 9.6.1, otherwise you must re-install so the patch can work with 6.1.

  • DJ Capone

    I installed and it authorized. later i reopened and said invalid authorization and that i needed to authorize. any help would be appreciated because i need this program. even a video would help me with proper installation

    • Aeduh

      Did you solve this at the end??

      • DJ Capone

        yeah i got it. thanks

        • Aeduh

          How did you do it? Ive got the same problem

          • DJ Capone

            Let me get home and look at it cuz I can’t exactly remember without looking at it. You use team viewer?

          • Aeduh

            Nevermind. I reinstalled the whole thing without internet connection and now when I reopen the program it keeps working. Thank anyways

          • DJ Capone

            Just make sure you go in your optionspreferences and shut off automatic updates

          • Aeduh

            Oh cool, didn’t know that. Thanks again!

          • DJ Capone


          • Thanks guys for this helpful conversation. It helped many people to solve the problem. Enjoy Ableton Live 9 Crack Full download.

  • Tom Bone

    Says it cant find a necessary .dll file?

  • Raislee Joseph

    Hi..why everytime i open ableton for the will ask again for the authorization..i already do the authorization at the 1st..and everything is ok..just when i open for the next now..i just uninstall..then install again..vrry tired..any solution?..

    • Gio

      Live has automatic updates on by default, setting this option off will prevent Live to be updated to 9.6.2. Check that you’re still on 9.6.1, otherwise you must re-install so the patch can work with 6.1.

      • Ad

        And how can I turn off the automatic updates please?

    • @raisleejoseph:disqus Remove everything and start from scratch, close your internet connection, install program and use authorization. Keep Internet closed, block program with firewall and open Ableton.

  • Gio

    Live comes with automatic updates on by default, setting this option off will prevent Live to be updated to 9.6.2. Check that you’re still on 9.6.1, otherwise you must re-install so the patch can work with 6.1.

  • EFR


    • Hi. It worked for many people so wonder you couldn’t get it working. Please follow instructions as mentioned. If you still can’t crack it then contact us to help you. Good luck.

      • EFR

        Did every thing its easy bro…..still not working

  • Joseph

    Hey @Softasm, not trying to sound rude, but I am kind of concerned that this will infect my computer with some hidden virus. I’ve also heard and seen a lot of viruses that are bundled with a crack version of a certain program. How can I trust you? Thanks in advance!

    • Joseph

      Another question, does this include Max For Live? Thanks!

      • @disqus_zC4C3nUHS9:disqus Hi. @rizky_adhitya:disqus and other users have confirmed that this patch works perfectly. You have to understand that not all Patches are viruses, most of them are false-positive. We have scanned this patch with Eset Antivirus and it was clean. Yes, Max Live is included.

  • goxx

    @softasm:disqus , for some reason i cannot get acces to the patch… im opening it as an admin and still windows wont let me open it…

  • raymond paul

    after installation it opens automatically.then the patch never works…can somebody tell me what to do ??

    • @disqus_Tf9SWZ4KEL:disqus Hi. The patch will not work if the program is opened. You MUST completely close the program and then run the patch as administrator and do the patch!!! Easy as pie ;_)

  • al

    @softasm:disqus SoftAsm my avg protection found what it thinks are two trojan horses one being the /crack/crack.rar and the other being /crack/crack.rar:/AbletonLivePatch[io].exe . Now i don’t want to get a virus but i do want to install this program and these files are obviously necessary. Are these files just false alarms, or are they actually trojan horses? Regardless, what should i do?
    (I also saw lower down that you guys have assessed them and they are believed ti be false positive, in that case, how can i get my avg to stop freaking out so i can instal this?)

    • @disqus_x0ZJnrawO4:disqus Hi. The cracks are false positive. Every antivirus think Patches are viruses because the way patches were made. Simply disable AVG protection for 5 minutes, patch Ableton and delete the patch.

  • slsk

    Hello @softasm:disqus
    I have change the directory installation, I donΒ΄t want it in C:, so when I open the pacth, I select the new directory of ableton suite 9.exe but it says that cannot find the patern… what is the problem?

    • @disqus_GsBuIuhD4m:disqus Hi. to fix this program, simply copy the patch file to where you installed Ableton and run it from there. Make sure to run patch as admin. Good Luck!

      • slsk

        thanks for your answer mate, but nothing have changed. the patch is in the new directory but still looking in C:/ , it ask me to for search the file, I tell again where it is but in the messages still says that cannot find pattern:

        many thanks

        • slsk Hi. You have installed the program in a different pattern that’s why the patch couldn’t recognize the location of the program. We suggest to install Ableton in C:ProgramFilesAbleton then copy the patch in this directory. It false to copy patch to C:ProgramData.

          • olivier van Mele

            hi, i installed it in c: the location u asked but it still has the same problem as described b4 here

  • Jackie

    @softasm:disqus I’m stuck. My computer says I don’t have permission to run the Ableton Live Patch.exe file. And i’m not sure what patch means or what I’m doing wrong. I downloaded ableton and set it up and didn’t open it.

    • @disqus_RrBE7nKhnA:disqus Hi. Open the patch as administrator. It should work this way.

  • Johnny

    It doesn’t work if you put the authorization file into installation folder
    After cracking it, find your .auz file, open Ableton and drag the file to authorizing window
    I have tried and it worked

    • @disqus_ISOKbkaW2Z:disqus Thank you for your helping tip to crack Ableton Live 9. Have Fun!

  • disqus_hW0gtUXltp

    Very nice!
    Could you upload the 9.7 version pls

    • @disqus_hW0gtUXltp:disqus Thanks for your comment. Sure we will upload it ASAP. Enjoy this full release

  • Pietro Butti

    Hi there!
    I have a small issue: can’t find file “authorize.auz” anywhere on my pc.
    I tried several times to unistall, restart the pc and install the program again but nothing changed, I follow all the steps you indicated.
    is there a solution?

    • Hi. The authorize file can be found in the downloaded file. If you still can’t see it you must download the file again.

  • Qstxzz

    Hey! It installs well, but when I run the patch it doesn’t open. Windows Defender says it’s fine, I run as administrator but still doesn’t open, it also deletes itself if you exit the folder and go back in. Please help!!

    • Qstxzz

      Nvm, I sort of fixed it. But I get this error. “operation did not complete sucessfully because the file contains a virus or potentially unwanted software.” I can’t deactivate my windows defender for some reason. Please help!

  • Paul Dlm

    Thanks a lot man, I just downloaded the win 64 bits and it works perfectly !

  • Alex Mci

    Yes worked no problems if you follow the correct method. Impressive site @softasm

  • afejuh

    ableton says that the authorization isnt valid

    HELP ME!!!!

  • Kaan Balci

    The installation instructions are so vague it literally explains nothing. I have the authorize file but what do I actually do with it? I open Ableton and then drag the authorization file into the authorization window, it works but then after a few times of opening Ableton it tells me to authorize again, I drag the authorization file and now it doesn’t work. A little effort with the instructions would have been nice.

    • Caleb Jesse Lazarus

      you’ve got to turn off automatic updates.

  • Ppw

    Hi and thanks a lot for your work. the installation work perfectly i can enjoy ableton 1 or 2 days and next time i open it again it’s lock… someone have this probleme ? know the solution ? when i run again “authorize” file after this probleme it’s write: impossible to dislock ableton on this computer..

    • Ad

      same problem here

  • Nishant Nimish

    Thnx brother…

  • hagigo

    I need Suite 9.7.1 πŸ™ πŸ˜€

  • Available: Ableton Live Suite 9.7.1 Crack Full (32-64bit) – Windows and MacOSX

  • NovaWolf

    I was NOT expecting a working crack (especially for ableton). Though the other people kinda sound like bots, I downloaded it myself and my launchpad is happy now :). BTW this isnt one of those BS downloads where you have to go to a survey site to get thepassword. No password required :).

    • NovaWolf

      P.S. saying I spent over $100 on a launchpad, I feel entitled to download it for free.

    • Aeduh

      Are those sites actually legit? When I see one there’s no way I put my phone number there…

  • OptifiantGamer

    Do you just run the .msi? is that it, or am i supposed to get another file…

  • Naufal Nurul

    This include for max for live ?

  • minioninnc

    Three days working on this, still doesn’t work. Throwing in the towel and making the purchase!

  • cd50000

    Hi @SoftAsm ! Just wondering if i am avalible to download crack only? I have ableton live 9 suite “demo” and want to crack it. Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Jason

    DUDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lench

    Hi. Is there still anyone here?
    I can’t run the patch successfully with the message: can not find the file
    Of course I closed the program completely before run the patch and I think I did as you guys said…
    Anyone tell me in easy English because I’m not good at English. Thanks.

  • el

    I downloaded and installed it but when i tried to authorise it it said file was not found or that i don’t have the permission to open it

  • Nilanjan Das

    Hay man the “authorize.auz” file wasn’t found.

    • Harsh Jani

      Same here

    • Nishant Nimish

      Turn of Windows defender or any antivirus.
      Then go to C Drive,allow hidden files to appear,there you will see a program data folder,open it and then you can find ableton file

  • Brian VS

    Can you add a DL link with just the crack key gen? I bought lite version and don’t want to have to DL huge file when I already have Live installed.

  • theme clair

    cheval de troie, not good !!!

  • Fernando Romero

    Can Some one Share the password to unzip the file, I have done the sourvey and no luck

  • Alonzo Arjona

    thank you so much, it works….one question, it can be updated?, or better turn off updates?

  • Abhishek Sahay

    Is it requires password to unzip

  • Oskars Kozarenoks

    Thank you! 10 ho hurs of reloading, reinstalling, uninstalling and in the end everything went how it should be! Great!!!