ArKaos GrandVJ 2.1.4 Full Crack Download

ArKaos GrandVJ 2.1.4 Full Crack Download

ArKaos GrandVJ 2.1.4 Final Release is a live video mixer to create and play videos music or shows used by VJs (VEE-JAY). DJ, bands and other events and shows can achieve the perfection of their representation with videos. In addition, the GrandVJ is ideal to create music videos combining others videos or sources. GrandVJ of Arkaos 2 has a unique design of piano that allows assign several videos to the keys of the piano. This system favors that one can work of form ranked and allows to the musician connect and manage a MIDI external keyboard.

GrandVJ 2 Serial Key Features:

The interface is very easy of use and is distributed from way intuitive. In addition, this device is equipped with a monitor on which you can see everything that you perform. A small screen you taught them images of them different effects, text and animations. The interface counts with two modes: synthesizer or keyboard mode and the mixer mode. Set different videos with the keys that are under the interface. Using the mixer mode, you can mix and edit up to eight videos at the same time.

You want to become a video Jockey? GrandVJ 2.1 offers wide possibilities of storage. You can connect several cameras for power mix images live, applying all type of effects of the extensive library of effects, seen that the package includes a DVD with 2.8 GB of samples, videos and loops of high quality. All what you do is held in time real. Even all the parameters of mix is made in time real.

Installation Instructions:

1- Open [ArKaos_GrandVJ_2_1_2.exe] and install the software.
2- Do not open the program. Close it completely.
3- Go to crack folder and copy/paste “GrandVJ.exe” to installation directory and replace the original file.
4- Enjoy GrandVJ 2 Latest Full Version.

ArKaos GrandVJ 2.1.4 Full Crack Download

Title : Download GrandVJ
Manufacturer: ArKaos 2016
Shared on: August 11th, 2016
Category: Music Maker
System Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10 (x86 x64).


  • Thank you, works perfect on windows 10!

    • @nesmothskelosklaimotch:disqus Fantastic! Enjoy GrandVJ 2 Latest Full Version.

  • Eri

    El crack del Grand VJ, despuĂ©s de los 21 minutos de trabajo aparece la marca de agua, y no sale mas… Impidiendo el libre trabajo

    • @disqus_W7RFDOqS2P:disqus Hi. Crack GrandVJ 2 again and block it in firewall. Do not update!

      • Minh

        I also have the same problem with arkaos grandVJ 2.1.2 crack.

        ( I had a post for this Please help me )

  • Eri

    Ese es el Ășnico error del Crack del Arkaos GrandVJ 2.X.X

    • Psyruz

      el error es en pc o mac ?? y segun varian despues del primer punto no??

  • Minh

    I have problem with arkaos grandVJ 2.1.2 crack.

    After crack arkaos GrandVJ 2.1.2, I used only 15 or 20 minutes and then it appeared Arkaos logo on screen.
    I have to close the software and reopen it. However, I could not open and choose the last or old file Because I cannot control anything .Therefore, I have to choose new.

    How can I fix it?

    If I crack it again, I have to copy grandVJ into arkaos folder installed, don’t I?
    I also turned off window firewall.
    you also told that Do not update. So how can I choose this option? Or you mean I don’t have to choose this option, do I?


  • Rahul

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