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  • Cubase 8 Elements Cracked Legally

    How To Crack Cubase 8 Elements legally and forever? – No Hack

    1- First download the zip file “Cubase_Elements_8_Trial_Installer_win.zip” and extract the files to your hard drive.
    2- Before you start installation, make sure to remove and completely uninstall any previous versions.
    3- Close Internet connection [Important]
    4- Go to clock and change the date. For example, change from October 20, 2015 to October 20, 2040 and click OK.

    change pc date

    5- Now install the program, select language and 32 bit or 64 bit.
    6- After installation finishes, run the program and a message will prompt saying that you are using as trial for 30 days. Close the program.
    7- Again go back to clock and change date from October 20, 2040 to October 20, 2015.
    8- Run the program and you will get a trial duration of years [Unlimited].
    9- Enjoy the legally cracked version of Cubase 8 Elements.

    Here is a problem you may encounter due to this type of activation:
    The problem happens with exporting to MP3 trial days will decrease (20 days total).
    To solve this problem is very easy. Simply don’t export to MP3 but export to WAV and use any converter from WAV to MP3. You can find one on SoftASM here: Audio Converter software

    You can also download crack for Cubase 8 Elements x86 only in the download buttons below but the first method is better and legal.

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    Title : Download Cubase Elements
    Manufacturer: Steinberg
    Shared on: October 8, 2015
    Category: Music Maker
    System Requirements: Windows 7/Windows 8.x (x64-x86)


    • JOe Grend

      Please! upload Steinberg Cubase LE AI Elements 8.0.20 Build 468 Multilingual, thank’s.

    • Paul Soffe

      hi is it legal..not sure

    • Ebenezer Chatterji

      Brother its not working .both method

    • Ebenezer Chatterji

      can you provide crack for cubase pro 8.5

      • Radu Ioan Maxian

        i have the crack for cubase 7.5 without Elicenser

        • frank

          Can you plz give me the instructions for your cubase 7.5 pro

          • sjava lava

            Hi Frank , pols share the link for cubase 7 pro for me pls man ?

    • abhi

      upload cubase 8 pro incl crack

    • Staalin Bmj

      absolutely on point! Thanks bro

      • @staalinbmj:disqus Thanks for your comment. Enjoy Cubase 8 Elements Cracked Full.

    • Staalin Bmj

      dude it was working but I had to try to reinstall because it was giving me “trial” voice over watermarks during the recordings for some reason. I complete uninstalled but when I tried again, im getting asked for license key. why is that?

      • Mike Commenter

        Search your computer for “elicense”, “syncrosoft”, “steinberg” and “cubase”. Delete all files that come up in the searches. You should now be able to successfully reinstall the software.

        • Staalin Bmj

          I’ve done this. When I go to unzip the download the elicense .exe file is still part of the package when you install the software. When you remove it cubase won’t load. I’ve tried removing after installation before loading, and I tried it before unzipping the rest of the sofware. Still getting the “no valid license found. The program will quit now” message.

    • sjava lava

      Hi Guys , i have downloaded and installed this Application cubase 8 and followed the instructions but still when i open it requires the activation key and says no longer opens without one – any advise or the crack if any available -please please!