DevExpress v15.1 Universal Full with Crack

DevExpress v15.1 Universal Full with Crack

DevExpress 15.1 Final Release – HTML5/JS Mobile and Web Development software combines numerous products and features across all supported platforms. This latest version delivers the tools to give the user the ability to build compelling, high-impact desktop, web and mobile solutions. DevExpress 15 serial number for building one of the most powerful, feature rich control suites on the market. Your superior support staff is second to none! I can’t even begin to measure the amount of time the controls have saved me. And to see the look on people’s faces when they experience the controls first hand, is priceless!

DevExpress v15.1 Universal Full with Crack Features:

Create apps that meet the needs of your ever changing enterprise and the BYOD world. Use the power of HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript to deliver line of business solutions that look, feel and behave just like native apps, without learning multiple languages or frameworks. Experience the power of HTML and JavaScript and start on your path to multi-device development.

This all-in-one pack includes the following applications:
Name: DevExpress CodeRush 15 – file: DevExpressCodeRush-
Name: DevExpress VCL Components 15 – file: DevExpressComponents-
Name: DevExpress DevExtreme 15 – file: DevExpressDevExtreme-15.1.5.exe

DevExpress 15.1.5 Installation Instructions:

Close all Visual Studio instances.
Remove other patches at first (Previous versions of this patch will be uninstalled automatically using current version).
Run patch as administrator and apply the patch.
That’s all. Enjoy DevExpress 15 Full Version Download.
DevExpress v15.1 Universal Full with Crack

Title : Download DevExpress
Manufacturer: DevExpress
Shared on: September 4, 2015
Category: Web-Design
System Requirements: Windows 7/8.1/8/XP/Vista


  • luis

    what surprise!…This is amazing… thank you so much… working in visual studio 2015 enterprise… this take me to ask.. do you have the “sql toolbelt” compatible with SQL server 2014 ??
    Again.. thank you.. that’s surprise me

  • Cool

    I tried with VS2013 and works without license window popup.

    After uninstall Devexpress Components + VS2013 and updating to VS2015 + Devexpress Components + PATCH

    I have problem with crack, its showing date TO 2037 but every time I have Trial License Popups at program start.

    – Trial Window for XtraGrid Suite
    – when I delete content of license.licx after that I dont get that screen

    Can I get a litle help? Thanks

    • @disqus_UGFawK6JCb:disqus Remove all ngened assemblies from GAC. Use totalcommander to enter the
      C:Windowsassemblies folder and delete all devexpress* folders
      manually. Then run the patch

      • tareksamman

        sorry whats you mean in ngened assemblies ..

      • tareksamman

        this is GAC_MSIL folder..

  • Zoe TI

    I’m trying to install DevExpress VCL Component, but running DevExpressComponents- infirm from 8 options match the description of the feature I want.

    How to install the DevExpress VCL?

  • David Funez

    Hi, I followed the instructions, installed the DX 15.1, remove the devexpress* folders from GAC_MSIL, and run the patch, I’ve been waiting more than an hour and patch does nothing. I’m using windows 7 and VS2013. any help..?

    • David Funez

      Solved, installed in windows SAFE MODE.

      • @disqus_Lr13oMH4oW:disqus Hello, thank you for sharing this solution with us. We hope this will benefit other users

  • Robert Delabitenebois

    the version has many bugs and devexpressed release fixes for their customers.
    1/ it wont start (Visual 2010 sp1): acutally you need to copy C:Program FilesDevExpress to C:Program FilesCommon FilesDevExpressDXMenu . And only then it will start without error and show the toolbox.
    2/ When you pick a control from the toolbox and place it on the form (C#) : the control is not displayed in the form but his icon is put under the form ( like chen you add a Timer to a form). when you build and lauch, the control even a button, doesnt show up…
    3/ I used the crack/patch included ( it’s version 7) and it worked fine with the actual trial verison available on devexpress website, so just use the crack and use the up to date official trial instead.

  • Mohammed Krifi

    Please the extraction password
    is it fuctionnal on windows 10 !

  • Mohammed Krifi

    It’s working ^^
    I was looking for the componentone cracked i can not found it, i was searching the hole day and there’s nothing except the premium edition or the trail that works just for 30 days

  • Mohammed Elsohagy

    It’s working
    But I want to ask,Will the final program works well, or pop-up windows will appear?

  • The latest version is available for download. Get DevExpress Universal Complete 15.2.7 + Crack here:

    • Siby Sunny

      its can’t be crack on windows 10 (vs2015). How to crack it?

      • @sibysunny:disqus 0- Close all Visual Studio instances.

        1- Remove other patches at first (Previous versions of this patch will be uninstalled automatically using current version).

        2- Open [DevExpressUniversalTrialComplete-20160304.exe] as admin and install the software.

        3- It may be unresponsable a few minutes – it’s OK.

        4- Run this patch every time you installing/repairing DX controls.

        5- Run “Remove Pop-up after Crack.reg” and apply it.

  • Siby Sunny

    Is there any issues in future while using this cracked versions on application development?

  • Khiladi

    thanks for suport
    could you crack html5point ? original link here
    tonns of thanks