IK Multimedia AmpliTube 4.0.1 Crack (Win-Mac)

IK Multimedia AmpliTube 4.0.1 Crack (Win-Mac)

IK Multimedia AmpliTube 4 v4.0.1 Final is the world’s most important guitar and low tone-creation software. Trying to get that guitar tone low high hasn’t been always the easiest feat for me during these years, especially since I use a MIDI keyboard for my bass guitar sounds. AmpliTube 4 has the largest selection of equipment available. There are 160 individual pieces of equipment to choose. In addition, you can add other packages for the mixture as AmpliTube Orange, AmpliTube Fender, Ampeg, SVX, AmpliTube of Slash and more and choose between more than 235 pieces of art, including new effects of Z.Vex and boss, and the Dr. Z Amplificaion amplifiers.

AmpliTube 4 Key Features:

Since there was no bass guitars at the time, the tip was to put the amplifier transducer in the instrument under through the plug which is inserted into the lower part of the instrument for all players to keep it upright. Therefore, the amplification was called Peg, Ampeg, for short. AmpliTube 4 Serial License activation.

AmpliTube 4 Patch can operate independent or as a plug-in with your DAW for 32 and 64 bit. As for the internal features, there are many ways to use this software, but for our purposes, I want it to be easy to see how quick and easy which was to make the work of the creation of a real bass guitar, classic not less Ampeg tone tone, while making it through my MIDI keyboard.

AmpliTube 4 Installation Instructions:

Run [Install AmpliTube 4 (Ver. 4.0.1).exe] for Windows or [Install AmpliTube 4 (Ver. 4.0.1).pkg] for Mac and install the software.
Do not open the program. Close it completely.
Copy “AmpliTube 4.vpa” from Crack folder to: C:\Program Files\IK Multimedia\AmpliTube 4. For Mac OS X, copy “AmpliTube 4.vpa” from Crack folder to: /Library/Application Support/IK Multimedia/AmpliTube 4.
That’s all. Enjoy AmpliTube 4 Full Version Download.

RAR Password:softasm.com

IK Multimedia AmpliTube 4.0.1 Crack (Win-Mac)

Title : AmpliTube
Manufacturer: IK Multimedia Production SRL
Shared on: November 9, 2015
Category: Audio/MP3
System Requirements: Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 / Mac OS X 10.7 or later / Plug-ins: Audio Units, VST 2, VST 3, AAX


  • RAR Password: softasm.com

  • UliJonRoth

    is there a 32bit version??

    • @ulijonroth:disqus Yes, this is 32 bit and 64 bit

    • @ulijonroth:disqus AmpliTube4 is 64 bit only on both OSX and Windows; there is no 32 bit installer. The only solution you have is to switch to x64 system.

  • Eduardo

    Do you have a link for Amplitube Mesa Boogie or this Amplitube 4 contains it? Thanks

  • is this the delux verson

  • Soumik Majumdar

    Didn’t work for me.
    followed the steps. Still cant use loop feature. yellow pop up comes

  • David h

    please tell me the rar password


    • @disqus_EVxY9wiygE:disqus RAR Password: softasm.com

  • Ivan pellegrino

    when I enter the password says it is wrong,what should I enter?


    please tell me the rar password


    • @disqus_qEYnPCNtCY:disqus

      RAR Password: softasm.com

  • Jim Brew

    hi good job….how can i get the serial activation?

    • @jimbrew:disqus Hello. Download the program for Windows or Mac OS X. There is a crack file included, use it for activation. Good Luck!

      • Jim Brew

        Ok, thanks a lot, i get it. But i can’t see the plugin on my pro tools version hd10.

  • Sandro Edilashvili

    whats the goddamn RAR password ( and dont give me link to another malicious website please 🙂 )

  • Jaderson Costa

    whats the RAR password

  • JackDraven

    How can I crack the software? if I put the .vga file in the folder (/Library/Application Support/IK Multimedia/AmpliTube 4.) but doesn’t work.
    What can I do?

  • OMG – this is so awesome! Works like a charm so far! Thanks so much!

    • @pirittapaija:disqus Thanks for your comment. Enjoy AmpliTube 4 Crack Full Version Download

  • Jeff

    Hey Guys, downloaded a few softwares from your site, including this one, and have the same problem with all. File starts downloading, and shows correct size in downloads tab, i.e. 10mb of 358mb etc. But then once it’s downloaded the actual rar file is only 70mb and when I try to extract it gives an error message saying it’s corrupt and only extracts the crack files, not the actual program. Any ideas? Downloading in Chrome on OSX Yosemite.

    • Hello. We recommend you to use a download manager or use another browser to download the full file.

      • Jeff

        Amazing, problem solved! Thanks for the speedy reply 🙂

  • Martin Radler

    I’ve just copy the crack in amplitude 4 folder but i still have the try-version. whats wrong?
    Can you help me?

  • praveen singh

    What is rar password of amplitude 4

  • Guido Raucci

    I’ve got problem with .vpa format.It doesn’t work.Help meee

  • stefano pizzini

    tried to download it for mac but i only have a text file… what’s wrong?? help please :,(

  • Raul

    Excuse me.
    New features in the standalone app such as 4-Track Looper and 8-Track
    Recorder/DAW are not unlocked. Why?

  • ab ciccio

    Hi everybody!
    Does it work on OS X Sierra? I’ve got no problem with previous OSX, but in Sierra I can’t find /Library/Application Support/IK Multimedia/AmpliTube 4. I created that folder and put in it the .vpa files, but I get the demo version.
    Any ideas?


  • Marek Neustupa

    when you open the file,beforeminstalling it wants me password…What is the password???

  • this is can’ install on 32 bit. just for 64 bit only