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  • iMindMap v9.0.3 Ultimate Multilingual + Crack

    iMindMap 9.0.3 Final Release is a tool to create diagrams and mental maps that allows you to add graphics, drawings, presentations, documents, among others. Then sync all those contents between different devices that are installed. iMindMap offers some a few elements of the business mapping, such as links and notes, but remains with regard to the scope far behind other software. The basic capabilities of the mind mapping isn’t in the software have been transferred to the other side, so there is no way arrows to create frames, etc.. Since I prefer it remain, mean manually create mind maps to scan and store on the PC, or to create them in a sketchbook software on your Tablet PC.

    iMindMap 9.0.3 Serial Patch Features:

    The software is a graph of ideas editor, also known as conceptual maps, used for the management of projects, elaboration of strategies and planning of events in various fields. Although full and loaded with options, it allows to create mind maps with great ease, starting from simple nodes to add images, text and other documents. You can also add clouds of that node from ideas and organize each of the phases in an attached schedule. Download iMindMap 9.0.3 Crack exports mind maps to several formats, such as PDF and Word documents. However, it is useful also the preparation of presentations in motion from the hierarchy of the graph.

    Installation Instructions:

    1- Open [imindmap9_windows_9.0.3a.exe] and install the software.
    2- Open “How to Install/Crack.txt” document and read crack instructions.
    3- Enjoy iMindMap 9.0.3 Latest Full Version.

    Title : Download iMindMap Ultimate
    Manufacturer: iMindMap 2016
    Shared on: June 23rd, 2016
    Category: Other
    System Requirements: Windows 8/8,1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).


    • hao chen

      Thank you! But it still doesn’t have the function of Capture. My platform now is win10, and when I installed it in winXP and win7, it didn’t have Capture. Can you figure out why?

      • @disqus_OjFyscwQWL:disqus Thanks for your comment. The Capture Mode doesn’t work only few some users, we still don’t know why, but it’s working for majority of people. We suggest to uninstall the app and any older version and start a new clean installation.

        • Prajakta Utgikar

          I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times and yet the capture mode doesn’t work!

    • Bigsiaw Pad

      What is the “Capture Mode” ?. please give more informations for me


      • @bigsiawpad:disqus Create an interactive web of ideas in moments with Fast Capture View. Great when working in teams, this feature distils your ideas into an easily accessible map. When time is of the essence, Fast Capture View comes into its own without any formatting distractions, showcasing your ideas in their most raw state.