MAGIX Music Maker 2017 Premium Crack and Content

MAGIX Music Maker 2017 Premium Crack and Content

MAGIX Music Maker 2017 Premium Full + Content and Bonus Content. Create your own beats, compose and produce music and instrumental in various styles. MAGIX Music Maker 2017 Free Download is a professional tool for mixing, editing and composing your own songs. Available for the user was given a very wide range of loops, samples and virtual instruments. It also 6 different libraries’s Soundpool, 99 tracks to use Vocal Tune, Electric Piano, DN-e1 Synthesizer, Drum Engine, Vita 2 Sample Player, BeatBox 2, Loop Designer, Vandal guitar amp SE, etc.

Magix Music Maker 2017 Premium Serial Number / Crack Direct Download link application brings out the power of music-production for beginners and professional producers to create unique soundtracks for videos and movies. Compose, record and arrange your songs, sing into your computer’s microphone, apply audio effects, save your mix to MP3 or WAV and share it. Aditionally, the program offers a vast library of music maker loops and VST plugins to excel in different music styles, such as create HipHop/Rap beats, create House/Techno music, Jazz, Blues, Rock, etc. Among the instruments, we find, Piano, Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Trumpet, Flute, Kicks, Saxophone, Bass and much more.

MAGIX Music Maker 2017 Serial Key Features:

One of the more interesting features is the processing of voice male to female and vice versa, and creating the choir. Adding and linking sounds with loops is done by dragging. Easy programming of the sounds of synthesizers, drum-style dubstep and hip hop. Moreover, the key Assistant can do Vocal Tune 2, which will adjust the pitch. Edit the melody and chords is possible via the MIDI Editor. VST2 Plugins are supported or direct file sharing on the Internet.

– Create Cinematic Sounds and Effects: Give your productions a whole new level of depth and character. With Cinematic Soundscapes you can create complex aural textures to use as scores or powerful bass drops for electronic music.
– Record and edit your vocals with keyboard: The Choir virtual instrument lets you play vocals using your keyboard and comes in three different voices (male, female and mixed).
– Astonishing church organs: Create majestic soundscapes. Playfully create soulful ballads, epic soundtracks or hot dance tracks.

Installation Instructions:

1- Open [Music_Maker_2017_Premium_DLV_en-II_160715_21-36_24_0_1_34.exe] and install the software.
– Install “mm_2017_premium_update_24.0.2.46_INT_MSI.exe”.
2- Do not open the program. Close it completely.
3- Go to crack folder and copy/paste “MusicMaker.exe” and “Protein.3.15.dll” to installation directory and replace the original files.
4- Run the program and register by OFFLINE activation:
– Use email: [email protected]
– Serial number 3-93332-93063-07288-36747-32944-55899 and activation code: 48257-61291-46924-93362-51878-82012
5- Next, the program will offer spool and install the additional content, there are instruments and sample libraries.
If you wish, you can download the program from the menu , or you can just take everything in hand from the folder Content.
6- Enjoy MAGIX Music Maker 2017 Patch Keygen Activation Latest Full Version.

MAGIX Music Maker 2017 Premium Crack and Content

Title : Download MAGIX Music Maker Premium
Manufacturer: MAGIX 2017
Shared on: November 4th, 2016
Category: Music Maker
System Requirements: Windows 8/8,1, Windows 7, Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).


  • prasad

    hi admin I installed the magix music maker 2017 as by the procedure but the code u provide to registry is showing wrong ..plz fix this

    • @disqus_PvYJIlHcyE:disqus Hi. First, you MUST go to crack folder and copy/paste “MusicMaker.exe” and
      “Protein.3.15.dll” to installation directory and replace the original files. The serial number will not work unless if you apply crack files first.

      • prasad

        hi admin now I installed successfully, but make small changes in your installation procedure.

        • @disqus_PvYJIlHcyE:disqus Thank you for confirming it works. Enjoy Magix Music Maker 2017 Crack Full Download.

  • @hakemesmael:disqus Please go to the STEAM install folder of the software, normally it is located here:
    C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonMagix_Music_Maker_2017. Then look for the file MusicMaker.exe and delete it. Then go to the Protein Folder and locate the file Protein.dll, please delete this as well.
    Go back to the STEAM library and right click on the entry for Music Maker and select Properties. Then go to Local Files and select to Verify the Integrity of Application Cache. The install should rebuild itself and this problem should be resolved.

    Have your Steam-Client and Magix Music Maker executables set to run with Windows Administrator level privileges and see if that works.

    Verify the installation; Steam-client, Library, All Software, right-click Magic Music Maker, Properties, Local Files, Verify integrity of application cache.

    Good luck.

    • onuoha kingsley

      hello ,please i have similar problem but cant find steam folder on my computer,please i need your help on the installation

  • prasad

    s bro its working 100%.

  • Abdullah Aboonafil

    some virtual instruments requires activation.
    please show me the way to fix it.
    those are Celtic Harp, Century Guitar, Century Keys, Concert Guitar, Electric Bass, Pop Brass, Power Guitar, Saxophonia, Space Pad, Uprightbass, Vibraphone, World flutes, World percussion.

    • Abdullah Aboonafil

      Any how it was a great download;
      lot of thanks

      • @abdullahaboonafil:disqus Thanks for your feedback. You may need to crack the program again to activate instruments. Enjoy Magix Music Maker 2017 Free Full.

        • Δανάη

          I had the same problem with some of the VSTIs and cracked the programm again, but it still says “Unfortunately, the function “(Name of instrument)” is not available due to licensing conditions.”

  • john

    it doesn’t work and it’s the same problem of Hakem Esma’el

  • @hakemesmael:disqus @disqus_3x33AChDta:disqus Hi guys. The program and cracked worked perfectly for @abdullahaboonafil:disqus and @disqus_PvYJIlHcyE:disqus. I think there is something you miss in install instructions

  • Iftikhar Ahmed

    dear admin,
    your given magix crack is not working but when i donot crack the magix then i can only open the program plz help me and recheck your crack

  • prasad

    as per the procedure we need to copy/paste the protein and music maker file in installation directory but it will not work.
    I can solve your problem don’t worry, we need to do some changes ,after copying the protein file u need to replace/paste in the folder called protein. inside that protein folder u will find replace dis,done

  • prasad

    those who r still finding difficult plz see my screen shot . I attached here

    • onuoha kingsley

      do i copy and replace both magix.exe file and protein files?

  • thx admin for sharing
    most of instruments not activated like pic below, any idea?

    • Abdullah Aboonafil

      same problem

  • prasad

    glad to knw..all the best

  • Iftikhar Ahmed

    i need crack only plz u upload a link which has contain crack ony

  • Iftikhar Ahmed

    can u give me a highly compressed link of bonus content because my internet connection is only about 250kbps

    • @disqus_FAAa390nXg:disqus Hi. You can download the file for long time. The server has resume capability to resume download at anytime.

      • Iftikhar Ahmed

        i have not much internet pack for this

      • Iftikhar Ahmed

        i have pack for this but i donot want to download it because huge file size it takes lot of time. can u upload watch dogs 2. plz give reply

  • Iftikhar Ahmed

    i have found my crack folder and it is 100% working lot of thanks softasm

    • @disqus_FAAa390nXg:disqus Thank you for confirming it works. Enjoy MAGIX MUSIC MAKER 2017 CRACK DOWNLOAD.

      • Iftikhar Ahmed

        thnx for ur responce

      • Iftikhar Ahmed

        and thnx for your service

  • John

    I’ve installed the crack and loaded up the program, but the vst tools doesn’t work. All of the audio I have is distorted. Is there anything that I can do to fix this?

  • Stuart

    Guys! First off thank you for this. It was really good. Everything went smoothly. However, all the VSTs on the Bonus Content folder does not activate. The regular content that you can download from program itself downloaded fine and I have the regular VSTs working.

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but those VSTs in that folder will not activate and I cannot use them. Is there something I have to do? Do I have to install them before activating the program? Please let me knw

    • @disqus_wUm3kmqIZ8:disqus Hi. We haven’t tried to crack the VST plugins, but if you try installing VST before installing the software, this could work for you. Enjoy Magix Music Maker 2017 Crack Full Download.

    • How to solve the problem of Bonus content activation.
      I have tried many procedure, after all finally I cracked and activated all those Instruments.
      So you have to do is , find and download cracked magix music maker 2016 and install it. Then open and activate it. Because it always ask to activate so you you can easily activate those instruments without any problem. Then RUN magix music maker 2017. they will be activated.

      You can try any other old magix music maker, but I do it in the 2016 so I suggest you to use magix music maker 2016. ENJOY

  • raj

    hi, i installed the programme but it play back time and play back time bar (red vertical line which is supposed to move) not working, pls help me out.


    Hi ,

    First of all big thanks to your team

    Can u pls crack the bonus VST plugins ?? i couldn’t use at all… but i need it

    it would be great full if u crack the bonus VSTs pls




    pls crack the bonus vst plugins

  • Riccardo

    Please help me.
    I tried to install it 3 times

  • Abhay

    Hey , I’ve founded ,I’ve founded!!!! How to solve the problem of Bonus content activation.
    I tried many techniques, after all finally I cracked and activated all those Instruments.
    So you have to do is , find and download cracked magix music maker 2016 and install it.Then open and activate it. Because it always ask to activate so you you can easily activate them without any problem. Then RUN magix music maker 2017. they will be activated.

    • Nerqer

      It worked! Thanks

    • Tommy Gunn

      Not run…. , I download , install and cracked Music Maker 2016 , and all instruments are not activate in MM2017 and in MM2016


      so you install MMM 2016 frist then install all the bonus content then you install MMM 2017 and then they show up activated?

      • Abhay

        First install MMM 2016 and then install 2017 and the bonus content.
        After installing all instruments, Open 2016 and activate them by openinng one by one, Cause MMM 2016 has cracked as a offline activater.

  • Anna Kroyter

    Can anyone reload the content & bonus link again please.
    Thank you so much.


    • Anna Kroyter

      Thank you so much!!!

  • rIan

    Hey, first of all thanks for the software but after I copy/paste the crack I try to open the program and this message show up “The program can’t start because Qt5NetworkMx32Qt57.dll is missing from your computer. Try to reinstall the program to fix the problem”. Though I reinstalled it like 2 times but I still have the same problem, what can I do for that? thanks a lot again

  • Sandson Costa

    Ow! Very good! Very very good! Thanks!

  • Tommy Gunn

    Please i need help … MM2017 running without problem but instruments are not activate 🙁

  • Quaalude Beatz

    tried installing my Magix 2017 crack but this Qt5NetworkMx32Qt57.dll says its missing please help with this issue