Native Instruments Massive 1.5.0 + Crack Update OS X

Native Instruments Massive 1.5.0 + Crack Update OS X

Native Instruments Massive 1.5.0 Final Release Direct Download Link for Mac OSX.

– Both Massive 1.5.0 cracks and Massive 1.5.0 Update download are included in this package. The cracks are fully compressed so you need 7zip program to extract the crack files.

– This software is used to allow users develop and create amazing beats and music instrumentals.

– It can also be used to record audio and record voice – Apply voice effects.

– One of the FL Studio competitors on the Internet and reached millions of downloads.

– Compose amazing sounds using the large library offered by the program. Users also have the possibility to download extra additional libraries of sounds and instruments.

– Among the music instruments that can be used to create sounds are: Synthesizer, Drum, bass, guitar, percussion, piano, flute, violin, kick, etc.

– The installation is easy, just install Massive v1.5.0 by clicking on setup files then go to crack folder and copy the content to where you have installed the program. Hooray! Enjoy Native Instruments Massive 1.5.0 Full Version.

Native Instruments Massive 1.5.0 + Crack Update OS X

Title : Download Native Instruments Massive
Manufacturer: Native Instruments
Shared on: July 16th, 2015
Category: Mac OS X
System Requirements: Mac OS X


  • Sam Penny

    how do you crack it? keeps sending me to the service centre..

    • Sam Penny

      and no info on how to actually crack it. And has no keygen. Using MAC Osx

      • Sam Penny Hello,

        First of all, download the setup 1.4.0 “Massive_142_Mac.dmg” here:
        Install the update “Massive v1.5.0 UPDATE.dmg”
        Extract the CRACKS.7z files to a folder using WinZip or Winrar, etc
        In OSx, find audio folder which is in: Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/PlugIns/
        Copy all the files that you have extracted from CRACKS.7z to Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/PlugIns/

        That’s All!

        • Sam Penny

          Thanks for the reply. It’s still asking me to activate/buy/trial when ever i start to open it in Logic or Massive individually? here is a screenshot of the Audio File in Library. Is this how it should look? I just dropped the Files from Crack straight into Lib/Audio/Plugins

          • Sam Penny

            Worked it out xD Had to unpackage Massive.component and massive.vst and put those folders in plug-ins also!

          • Sam Penny

            Still asks for the activation prompts though? i un-packaged the massive.componant file and put all the contents in Lib/Audio/plugs-in. Heres how it looks now. Its still asking me for the activation key. But if i just exit the it when it goes to the service centre it seems to go away, and i get full use of Massive? Grrr why can’t it be simple haha

          • @disqus_LvtjvjVnAi:disqus Hello! If you use Yosemite and El Capitan, you should probably use
            “BatChmod” to properly install and validate your plugins. Look for the
            “BatChmod” application here:
            Many people use this solution to change the permissions in OSX Yosemite
            and El Capitan. For my part, I successfully installed this plugin on
            OSX Mavericks, tested in Live 9.5 x86 & x64 and Logic Pro X.

          • Tarek


            it doesnt even show the Folder with Crack and the CRACKS.7z is just a text-file. I installed the 1.4 and the update for 1.5 too.

          • @disqus_HAEHdTXhHW:disqus CRACKS.7z is not a text file. It’s a 7-Zip file and can be extracted using WinRAR or WinZIp. Inside the, there is a package of cracked files and plugins. Keep in mind that the file is over 200 MB which is not possible to be a text file.

          • Tarek

            yes but in my folder there are only these datas. am I missing something?

          • @disqus_HAEHdTXhHW:disqus No, you are not missing a single thing. You just need to install [ Massive_142_Mac.dmg ] and [ Massive v15.0 UPDATE ] then extract the CRACK.7Z using WinRAR or WinZIp.

          • Ted

            any help on how to use batch mod, as far as what boxes to check in its initial window?

          • Tarek

            Ok, I already did that and copied the files into the Audio folder like in the picture.

          • Tarek

            Did you see my picture?

          • Tarek

            Ok, now I copied all the files as seen below. Still shows the demo sign in Logic. I put all the files in batchmod

          • danielos

            batch mod doesn’t seem to work for me guys :C

  • RagingRozay

    can I use the cracked version of massive on a legal copy of fl studio?

    • @ragingrozay:disqus Sure you can

  • Olliver

    Вообщем я разобрался как крякнуть.

    В папке кряк дается 3 файла massive.component and massive.vs and Massive.

    massive.component копируйте в папку HD/Library/Audio/PlugIns/Components

    massive.vst копируйте в папку HD/Library/Audio/PlugIns/vst

    Файл Massive копируйте в папку где установлено само приложение, то есть Finder/programs/Massive.
    Все файлы надо заменить. Translate language Russian –> English.

  • Bassic

    Please tell me this isn’t a virus. Meh I’ll just risk it like I always do.

    • @spicybutbitterbutter:disqus Don’t worry, it’s not. Once you download the software, surely you will always come back to softasm for downloads.

      • Bassic

        (The crack didn’t work on its own, so I did some research and found this on a forum. It works! The four files are from the 7z file.)
        I’m guessing here, but there should be several files. Probably one big pkg which is the demo and a folder containing
        four files named


        Is that correct?

        Install the big file first. Once you have the demo installed go looking for these files


        they should be in:

        /Library/Application Support/Digidesign/Plug-Ins
        /Applications/Native Instruments/Massive

        Send those four files to the trash.

        Now, instead of using Batchmod, open and type exactly


        sudo chmod -R 755

        leave a space behind 755 and then drag the folder that came with the k’s onto the Terminal window. That should give
        you a path to that folder.

        Hit return and the prompt (the little $ sign) will change to ‘Password:’

        Now enter your Admin password (don’t worry if nothing seems to happen while entering your pass, that’s normal)

        Hit return again.

        If the shell throws an error, post it here.

        Now drag the four files inside the folder provided by Assign onto their respective locations mentioned above.

        That should do the trick. If there isn’t a folder, just type sudo chmod -R 755, then highlight
        all four files provided by Assign and drag them into the Terminal window at once.

        If you want to use BatchMod make sure you tick ‘Apply to enclosed folder and files’ at the bottom. People keep
        forgetting to do that. Technically an app, component, etc., is a special type of folder. So if you don’t instruct
        Batchmod to work recursively, you’ll only change the permissions for the top container

        • pedro

          “Leave a space behind 755 and then drag the folder that came with the k’s” What k’s are you talking about?

  • BabLu…!

    hey bro… how to get this massive on mac..?? please help me out..

  • RAJ


    In general , I figured out how kryaknut .

    At the crack folder gives 3 file massive.component and massive.vs and Massive.

    massive.component copy in HD folder / Library / Audio / PlugIns / Components

    massive.vst copy in HD folder / Library / Audio / PlugIns / vst

    Massive file copy to the folder where the application installed itself , ie Finder / programs / Massive.

    All files must be replaced .

    *This actually worked for me. running yosemite

    • Victor Marreiro


  • xt3ta

    I installed it without any problem, but how can i put it on fl studio? its a separate app

  • Anonim

    Can i use this on windows??

    • Anonim Hello We have shared the Windows version aside. Download Native Instruments Massive 1.5.0 Full Version for WIndows here:

      • Anonim

        Sorry, but that’s only the update right? No crack folder?

        • @disqus_0T7nMeenU4:disqus Yes, it’s only the update. We will share the full version ASAP.

          • Anonim

            Ok guys! I’ll waiting for that xD

          • Anonim

            i still waiting bro 🙁

  • pedro

    When i try to add Massive to Fl it says “There is no Windows program configured to open this type of file”. What do I do to fix this?

  • Lihgtinall

    I have downloaded but it does not have any sounds in the massive file? No premade sounds to mess with, did I do something wrong?

    • Evan Fitts

      You happen to be a producer as well?

      • Lihgtinall

        I can but have not released anything other than misc chicken scratch on Sound Cloud.

        • Evan Fitts

          Sweet, I’m particular myself so have released nothing. What kind of music do you produce?

          • Lihgtinall

            Nice. I like and appreciate everything, Im trying to build my instrument collection so I can produce any genre I feel. What about you?

          • Evan Fitts

            I’m very open minded too and am working to complete my arsenal. I just bought my first analog synth. I like progressive house and progressive trance. Anjunabeats and Anjunadeep type stuff. I’ve been playing acoustic and electric since the 5th grade. I want to add an natural acoustic flavor to simplistic tasteful deep house.

          • Lihgtinall

            That would be amazing. I myself find it hard to work alone but its even harder to find people that will dedicate their time for the love of brainstorming and rough drafting music.

          • Evan Fitts


          • Evan Fitts

            Are you anywhere on the East Coast? lol

          • Lihgtinall

            Opposite side of the mainland haha I’m in Southern CA. Found you on facebook sent a request

          • Evan Fitts

            Sweet. Nathan?

          • Lihgtinall


  • anon

    Alright, maybe this helps for the ones running El Capitan..
    I’ve ran in to some issues while installing and cracking the full version of Massive.
    When i installed the trial, all worked fine. After applying the patch, the icon just kept jumping in the launcher for a while and then stopped.

    I was able to solve this, by signing the patched first.

    to do this, go to the folder where the is located:
    /Applications/Native Instruments/Massive

    there, sign the
    sudo codesign -f -s –

  • Deanna

    Is there a link to the full version setup and update yet? The link further down the page doesn’t take you to a download at all!

  • Alves

    Please shere massive full version for Windows

  • danielos

    Ive made everything like you said guys, even tried with the batchmod but i think i might be doing something wrong while authorizing the files or something. -.-

  • Dan

    this is bullshit, doesnt work on el capitan full stop the crack7 file doesn’t unrar just spend the money this is a waste of time

  • Alves

    Thank u softasm it’s working 100%

    • @disqus_5i0iaTUkAp:disqus Thanks for your comment. Enjoy Native Instruments 1.5.0 Crack For Mac Full.

  • Nikolai

    How can i use it with Logic Pro X?

    • @disqus_5i0iaTUkAp:disqus How to Insert Native Instruments Plug-ins in Logic Pro X:
      1- Open Logic Pro X and create a new project. Click the Add Tracks + button located above the track headers to open the New Tracks dialog.
      Note: when opening a new empty project, the New Tracks dialog will appear automatically.
      2- The New Tracks dialog will prompt you to choose a type of track. Select Software Instrument & MIDI and click Create.
      3- A new software instrument track will appear in the Track area. To load a Native Instruments plug-in, make sure the Inspector is shown and that the Logic Library is hidden. To do so, click on their respective icons in the Control bar to the upper-left side of the Main window. The Library symbol should be greyed out and the Inspector symbol highlighted. In the Inspector, you will now see the software instrument track’s channel strip.
      4- In the software instrument track’s channel strip, click the Instrument slot.
      5- Browse through the drop-down software instruments menu and select the plug-in you wish to load. In this example, we choose to load a stereo instance of Massive.
      6- After loading the plug-in, its interface will open automatically for editing. If you wish to open it again after closing its window, click on the plug-in name in the channel strip, in our example Massive.
      7- You can now play the plug-in’s sounds via a MIDI keyboard or record MIDI data on the software instrument track in the Tracks area for playback.

  • Stanzin Yontan

    how do i get the full version? for win?

  • Jef Van der Poel

    Hi, The install and crack is 100 procent done! When I open massive in my Applications he doesn’t ask to register my massive. When I open Massive with Logic it doesn’t work.

    I run Mac Sierra 10.12.3

    • @Explodingspeaker:disqus Hello. Unfortunately Mac OS Sierra has recently blocked all kinds of patches and cracks. You have to wait for a new crack for Sierra. Thank you for visiting.

  • zero13x

    Thanks !

  • Alex

    How do I install this on Ableton Live 9 Suite?

  • official:skee Nashan

    where the crack folder for windows? i done installation but didn’t work, what should i do?