Rosetta Stone 4.5 + Crack English/Spanish/French/Japanese (All Levels)

Rosetta Stone 4.5 + Crack English/Spanish/French/Japanese (All Levels)

Rosetta Stone 4.5 Final for English, Spanish, Japanese and French including language audio pack in direct download link by Rosetta Stone 5 Language Learning is a library of languages that teaches you different languages from the most basic to advanced levels of conversation, the Rosetta Stone method takes us hand through multiple exercises that will test both our skills in reading comprehension, writing and conversation. Probably the most effective and fun way learn vocabulary and grammar without realizing it, in the same way that did child.

Rosetta Stone has products for individual learners, businesses, schools, and universities. You’d like to speak another language. You can, with a Rosetta Stone program that’s so learner-friendly, we guarantee results. You’ll immerse yourself in your new language from the moment you start up, so learning happens quickly. You’ll enjoy a guiding hand that gives you feedback when you need it, the freedom to learn whenever and whenever, and connections to learners and teachers who will help put your new language into practice naturally.

We offered you different download links for each language to avoid forcing you download a large file. Direct download links for:
– Rosetta Stone 4.5 English (L1, L2, L3, L4, L5) (Ingles) with Crack and installer
– Rosetta Stone 4.5 Spanish (Espagnol) (L1, L2, L3, L4, L5) Incl Crack and installer
– Rosetta Stone 4.5 Japanese (日本語) (L1, L2, L3) Incl Crack and installer
– Rosetta Stone 4.5 French (Français) (L1, L2, L3, L4, L5) Incl Crack and installer

Remember: Use the program for educational purposes only, do not sell it to others. If you like then you must buy it here:

Rosetta Stone 4.5 Installation Instructions:

Install Rosetta Stone 4.5.5.exe.
Copy all files in Crack folder to C:\Program Files\Rosetta Stone\Rosetta Stone TOTALe. Block Rosetta Stone TOTALe.exe & Rosetta StoneTOTALe.exe from connecting internet using firewall.
That’s all. Enjoy Rosetta Stone Full Version Download.


Rosetta Stone 4.5 + Crack English/Spanish/French/Japanese (All Levels)

Title : Download Rosetta Stone
Manufacturer: Rosetta Stone Ltd
Shared on: September 8, 2015
Category: Other
System Requirements: Windows: XP SP3, Vista SP2, Windows 7, or Windows 8 (32-64 bit)


  • anant chaturvedi

    Links are dead pls update

    • @anantchaturvedi:disqus All links are updated. For links uploaded on Microsoft Drive, you may need to log-in to Microsoft Drive using Hotmail account otherwise use these links:
      Rosetta Stone 4.5 Japanese – Level 1, 2, 3 Full Crack:
      Rosetta Stone 4.5 – Spanish (Latin America) – Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 + Crack:

      • Robert Rojas

        Hi the links are death were i can find new links? thanks

        • @disqus_KGy6lN3U5V:disqus @Brian532004:disqus Links are updated again. The software owner may remove after few days.

      • Brian Scott

        .rar file is password protected?

    • babushi bab

      Hi Guys i found new crack for Rosetta Stone it works perfect, and is free to download no shitty ads no surveys.
      Note: if you use crack no key needed anymore
      http://softwarecrackz.blogspot .com/2015/10/rosetta-stone-crack-2016.html
      You are welcome 🙂

      • Brian Scott


  • Rjsm

    Downloaded and installed! Working perfectly for me! Thanks

    • @disqus_0kK1rji7cn:disqus Thank you for confirming it works. Enjoy this full Rosetta Stone 4.5 Release

      • Brian Scott

        the .rar file is password protected?

      • Dexter Morgan

        The program still asks for an activation key and it has blocked all the lessons except for the first two until activated.

        • Farhad ali Manwa

          same problem here
          any solution

          • George

            Did you find a solution?

        • George

          Experiencing the same problem,
          Did you find a solution? Thanks!

    • Brian Scott

      .rar is password protected?

      • Brian Scott RAR Password:

        • Brian Scott

          how do I get the Spanish packs into the program. I have everything installed and have copied the cr*ck over. I have blocked firewall. Open program and it is asking me to add packs from a cd.

          • @Brian532004:disqus Try to mount the ISO file to a virtual drive CD/DVD using PowerISO 6.4 Download here:

          • Trinity

            I mounted level one iso to the virtual drive but the program doesn’t pick it up. Any ideas what the problem is? I’m sure I’m doing it wrong just not sure where downloaded and installed perfectly just can’t get the levels to work

        • Brian Scott

          following the instructions. It does not say anything about moving the language packs to a folder?

    • Dexter Morgan

      how does it work? for me it asks for an activation key and blocked most of the lessons.

    • John Ms

      Does it works? I want to download it

  • Robert Rojas

    Hi the links are death were i can find new links? need ur help 🙁

  • Brian Scott

    .rar file is password protected?

  • Lawand Doskey

    working but can i have english united kingdom?

    • @lawanddoskey:disqus Thank you for confirming it works. We will try to upload UK English soon

    • Dexter Morgan

      what did you do for the activation key? for me it asks for a key and doesn’t allow most of the lessons.

  • Robert Rojas

    i block the programs on the firewall still showing the message to update it… i follow all instructions

  • Trinity

    what is the password?? Never mind I’m and idiot…,

    • @disqus_YkFMt56RsO:disqus Password is written above download link. Again, here is the password:

  • Joe

    Links are dead again, any updates?

    • @disqus_FskBGMv1DH:disqus Links are not dead. The server is in maintenance mode. Try again in a later time

  • G.Mayerling Delgado

    I keep getting error 3217… suggestions?

  • Mask Silent

    thank u sir

    • @masksilent:disqus Your welcome. Enjoy Rosetta Stone Full Version Download

  • Kenneth

    How can I do block firewall? Do I have to edit host file?

    • @disqus_bsyOULvJVW:disqus Block the program. After opening the Firewall settings page, you will find a link with the name ” Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall” or ” Allow a program through Windows Firewall ” at the left side panel. Click on that link and you will be redirected to the next page. Read more here:

      If you block program in firewall then you don’t need to edit host file and vice-versa.

  • Hannah

    Hey I Kinda have the same problem as Brian scott. Did everything I had to do except the program asks me for a CD.. I’ve downloader PowerISO but there’s no drives available (seems like it) to mount any ISO files so I don’t know what to do.

    • @disqus_8oQadXSabI:disqus You need to learn how to mount ISO file to a virtual drive. YouTube tutorials are the best to learn from.

  • Pornchai Línlǐjiàn Krinmala

    THAX YOU,That I want JAPANESE.

    • @pornchailnljinkrinmala:disqus Your welcome. Rosetta Stone 4.5 Crack Download.

  • Marco

    Thank you very much!! It works perfectly! I suggest to use te programm “alcohol” to mount the image files.

  • Download latest version Rosetta Stone 5 + Language Packs + Crack here:

  • Trigled

    pls fix the link for the japanese only

    • @trigled:disqus The link for Japanese works fine. You need to login to Microsoft OneDrive to access the file.

  • Japanese links for OneDrive are not available. Nor are the other links you’ve posted below. Sorry to be a bother, but could you re-upload it?

  • Noah

    The link provided above just gets you downloading an software installer after which when you try running it, you just get third party ads. Kindly drop me a functional link

  • disqus_XnMkEjYgdc

    Hi, I’m having trouble finding the C:Program FilesRosetta StoneRosetta Stone TOTALe on my computer. I have a macbook air. I have downloaded the installer and the package. I have also already unlocked the rar files. Can you help me complete the set-up?

  • dp

    I followed all of the steps correctly and updated. The app started up fine so I can confirm it does work, however, it asks me for an activation code, so I just select the option “not now” then I chose my language, it looks like its about to let me start learning but then it says error 4118 the “we’re unable to communicate with the server right now” does this mean I have to unblock the application from my firewall? Please help I’m trying to pass my french class with this software!

  • Farhad ali Manwa

    japanese is not available

    • Farhad ali Manwa Link for Japanese has been updated.

      • Farhad ali Manwa


  • eklatea

    Japanese link is dead, please update ^^

    • @eklatea:disqus Link for Japanese has been updated. Thank you.

  • suhail

    the English is down(can`t download)

  • Ayu

    sir , english link is dead, please update, thank you

  • smriti

    It looks like the link for the French language pack is non existent…

  • Qwart

    How To Use Rosetta Program What is Japaneese iso for??How to Add languange??

  • Doe Doe

    Pls talk to me Englisgh link is dead. Somebody help me

  • Christian A. Perez

    Malware detected on the Japenese download, thank you Kaspersky

  • SoraKingdomHearts

    Does it work?