SketchUp Pro 2016 16.1 + Crack (Win – MacOSX)

SketchUp Pro 2016 16.1 + Crack (Win – MacOSX)

SketchUp Pro 2016 16.1 + Crack (Win – MacOSX) is a popular and comprehensive CAD design software used to create structures and models in 3D and 2D. A very powerful software with ease of use to create and design buildings and place them in Google Earth), Sketchup Pro latest 16.1 Crack explores its functions, offering much more advanced features in the design but without overwhelming the user, which occur with other design tools CAD, rendering software or construction and engineering programs such as AutoCAD and Google Sketchup.

SketchUp Pro 2016 16.1 Serial Patch Features:

– Designs and creates your models in 3D.
– Includes Layout, a tool for documentation and presentation 2D able to also combine 3D designs and text.
– Contains Style Builder, a utility to create edges styles for SketchUp models.
– Adds elements of geolocation to your models.
– Function ‘adapt photography’ to create models from real buildings.
– 3D buildings Modeler optimized.
– New collection of solid tools.
– See small thumbnails of the scenes of the model.

After you download Sketchup Pro 2016 Mac OS Crack, you can start to create 3D models, whether starting from a drawing or creating projects directly in 3D with the guarantee of a product in its category.

Installation Instructions:

1- Open [netlimiter.4.0.18.Setup] and install the software.
2- Do not open the program. Close it completely.
3- Go to crack folder and copy/paste “NTLCrack” to installation directory and replace the original file.
4- Open “NTLCrack” as admin and crack the software.
5- Enjoy SketchUp Pro v16.1 Final Full Version.

SketchUp Pro 2016 16.1 + Crack (Win – MacOSX)

Title : Download SketchUp Pro
Manufacturer: Trimble Navigation Limited 2016
Shared on: March 7th, 2016
Category: 3D/Animation
System Requirements: Windows 10, Windows 8+ and Windows 7+ and Mac OS X 10.11+ (El Capitan), 10.10+ (Yosemite) and 10.9+ (Mavericks).


  • Silas

    Hi, please upload some “point-of-sale” (POS) with crack

  • Silas

    Thank you so much, it works

    • @SilasYeukai:disqus Your welcome.

  • genericid

    Does it work with SketchUp 16.1.1449 ? Will this disable updates? Will this be defeated when new update is released?

    • @genericid:disqus yes it works with v16.1.1449. You should never update a cracked software, otherwise, you will be compromised.

      • genericid

        I tried running t inside a VM. This tries to install and download a bunch of unwanted adware and also installs unwanted browser addons (and who know what else) and moreover at the end, it does not even download or create the folder in which it says that it will be copying files to. Explain this, please.

  • lucasrdf

    the how to install rtf file is not working

    • lucasrdf Here is the installation steps for Sketchup 2016 for Mac:

      Extract the file “SketchUp Pro 2016 16.1.dmg”

      – Drag App To Apps Folder
      – Use the Crack to activate (Select , , Style, This apps are located on /Applications/SketchUp 2016/

      Have fun!

      • Krishna

        How do you activate ?
        I have those two files in the crack
        Can you tell me what to do ?

        Thank You

        • @disqus_X8dcCggHum:disqus Open “How to Install – Crack.rtf” document and read the instructions to crack Sketchup Pro 2016 for Mac.

          • Krishna

            I did
            Something doesn’t add up to me, it says activate. How do I activate them?
            Am sorry for being a pain in the ass now, no sleep and my brains doesn’t seem to function on its own.

            Please help me out

  • sunthonwit

    i can’t open SketchUp Pro 15.x [SP].
    pls. help me!!

    • lusdi

      i have the same problem too…can’t open SketchUp Pro 15.x [SP] even i have changed “allow apps download from : anywhere”….pls heellpp

  • Tara

    it works!! yayyyy!!!! <3
    life savers

    • Thanks for your comment. Enjoy Sketchup 2016 Full Crack for Mac.

      • killua zoldyck

        hi! i just downloaded this in my mac and it works well so i wanted to say thanks! and by the way do you have vray for mac? i can only find vray for windows in your site… thanks again!

        • @zoldyckillua:disqus Hi. We are doing our best to crack Vray for Mac. We will share it in the future.

          • kecix3c

            hell @softAsm, do managed to crack Vray for mac ? ive been looking for this software for ages and i need it so bad. =(

  • ryan

    thanks. it work to Sketchup pro 2016 for mac 🙂

    • @disqus_ZtR5ViM7UO:disqus Thanks for confirming it works. Enjoy our free full downloads.

    • Rikibe Kamlesh

      can u pls help me to install

  • Ronald Mcdonald

    Crack/Patcher wont open on macOS Sierra. How to go about it? Thanks a lot.

    • @disqus_UiJrMwqmwm:disqus System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General -> Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere.

  • spycalf

    it worked but my friend uninstalled it.. so i decided to install it again.. but i couldn’t patch it.. what should i do?
    i’m sure that i closed tem all.. PLEASE HELP..

    • @spycalf:disqus Hi. The error means that the application is running while trying to patch it. To solve this, first close completely Sketchup Pro and also exit from system tray. Run the patch as admin and do the patch.

  • @disqus_XrLLUkywrf:disqus Hi. You can use 7-Zip or Keka applications to extract the file. Download Keka here:

  • WakeyWake

    The crack won’t work on macOS Sierra..anyone managed to install it?

    • @disqus_cyIfxspdaK:disqus Hello. You can not use crack in Mac Sierra. Apple is currently rolling out macOS Sierra, a major update to the Mac
      operating system. However, for those with pirate tendencies, the
      revision brings an unwelcome surprise. Some popular ‘keygens’, which
      help many pirate releases run, have been broken by the update. But of
      course, persistent pirates aren’t far behind with a fix.

  • @disqus_ZtR5ViM7UO:disqus @disqus_S7wBITdfm2:disqus @zoldyckillua:disqus @disqus_cyIfxspdaK:disqus @disqus_XrLLUkywrf:disqus @spycalf:disqus @disqus_UiJrMwqmwm:disqus @sunthonwit:disqus @lucasrdf:disqus @disqus_X8dcCggHum:disqus @genericid:disqus @SilasYeukai:disqus

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  • random passerby

    hi so i downloaded the mac one and it turns out only a 30-days trial? i thought it’s supposed to be a full version? or maybe i’m missing something here? thanks before!

  • Shehzad

    Hi. Can you give installation instructions for Vray for sketchup crack for Mac. I am using a Mac. Thanks.

  • David Sterling

    So it’s only giving me a 30-day trial. What do I have to do to get the license?

  • Luis Gustavo Origa

    the crack keeps crashing

  • bhp

    im not able to open the special k utility . what do I do ?

  • srinath

    sir, patch up is not successful in my windows laptop. its says “cant find the file”…
    kindly resolve my issue.
    thank you

  • Rikibe Kamlesh

    i m unable to install pls help me

  • Heri Margiyanto

    1. Where did the “NTLCrack”? I did’t find “NTLCrack” in crack folder.
    2. And where did the installation directory location in finder?
    Would you help me to explain step 3 an your installation Instructions please?
    Thanks a lot brother… I’am using mac el capitan.

  • Guni

    Thank you so much Softasm for what you are doing here, helping others like me….i just installed it and it works perfectly………Thanks again for your generosity.

    • Bettina

      how did you open the crack, I can’t seem to open the crack

  • Bettina

    I can’t seem to open the rtf files and i can’t open the crack

  • David Ruiz

    Muchas graciass, funciona al 100% en win10! 🙂

  • juned

    thank u so much guys