V-Ray Adv 3.1 For Maya 2016-2015 + Crack

V-Ray Adv 3.1 For Maya 2016-2015 + Crack

Vray 3.1 for Maya 2016 Crack plus Vray 3.1 for Maya 2015 Crack download is now available on softasm.com – This latest version includes powerful enhancements, Maya 2016 compatiblity, new 3D rendering features and tools to add lighting, shading and create realistic models.

– Easy-to-use and has an intuitive user interface.
– Brings many V-Ray RT GPU enhancements.
– With 64-bit optimization, workflows becomes faster.

V-Ray Adv 3.1 For Maya Installation Instructions:

Run [“vray_adv_31001_maya2015_x64.exe” for Maya 2015 or “vray_adv_31001_maya2016_x64.exe“] for Maya 2016 and install the software.
Do not open the program. Close it completely.
Go to crack folder, copy all the content then paste to installation directory C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya20xx\ ) and replace the original file.
Now run Maya, Load plugin from your “Plug-in Manager”
That’s all. Enjoy V-Ray Adv 3.1 For Maya Full Version Download.
V-Ray Adv 3.1 For Maya 2016-2015 + Crack

Title : Download V-Ray Adv
Manufacturer: ChaosGroup
Shared on: August 6, 2015
Category: 3D/Animation
System Requirements: Windows 7/8.1/8/XP/Vista (64-bit)


  • ArtMagic

    vray plugin not detected in maya 2016 plugin manager how to fix this

    • ArtMagic To install V-Ray for Maya license make
      sure your Windows account has administrative privileges and double-click the installer to run it.

      To complete the installation follow these steps:

      You will be presented with the V-Ray licensing agreement. Please take a moment to review the agreement. Click the “I agree” button to proceed:

      2. During the next step you can choose the installation type. The available installation types are:

      – this is a full installation and includes V-Ray for Maya, V-Ray RT for
      Maya, V-Ray Standalone, V-Ray SDK, V-Ray Tools and Documentation. It will allow you to use V-Ray in Maya, do Distributed or Network Rendering, run V-Ray RT render server, use V-Ray SDK, and use the different V-Ray Tools.

      Standalone only
      – this installation includes V-Ray Standalone and V-Ray RT render server. Please choose this option if you plan to use this machine only for Distributed Rendering with V-Ray Standalone and a V-Ray RT render server.

      3. After you choose the installation type you can click the “Customize” button and adjust the corresponding installation settings. If you have selected the Full installation, you will see the full list of customizable settings:

      Uninstall previous installations – leave this checked to automatically uninstall any previous versions.

      How are you going to connect to the V-Ray license server
      – specifies whether the V-Ray license server will run locally or on another machine. If you select “Remote V-Ray license server on the network” you will be given fields to specify the IP address of the machine on which the V-Ray License server is running. Please leave the port 30304 unchanged.

      Specify installation paths – please check if the default folders are correct. Add firewall exceptions – automatically adds firewall exceptions so V-Ray RT for Maya and V-Ray Standalone can run uninterrupted.

      4. The installer will detect and list any applications that need to be closed. Please close them and click Install Now.

      5. The installer will proceed to uninstall any previous versions and install V-Ray 3.10

      Register the V-Ray render slave
      – check this option if you want to register V-Ray Standalone as a service and automatically start when the machine boots. In this case the V-Ray Standalone server will run in the background as a service and there will be no need to run it manually. You will be able to use this machine as a render slave.6. Press the “Finish” button.

  • วิษณุ กาญจนชาติ

    please vray 3.3 maya 2016 subport mac osx

  • Pocholo Posadas

    vray 3.3 for maya pls . windows 🙂 ty

  • Jai kishan sankla

    vray 3.3 for maya 2013 plzzz

  • John Huang

    Hello, I’ve follow every step exactly. I can use vray and it work fine.

    However, when i try to render, it wont render and says that it “could not obtain a license (-200)”

    How do i solve this?