ArKaos GrandVJ XT 2.5 Incl Crack Full Free Downlod

ArKaos GrandVJ XT 2.5 Crack + License Key FULL DOWNLOAD is an “extended” version of GrandVJ 2 which adds expert features such as the Video Mapper extension, allowing projection mapping and advanced management of multiple displays. Manipulate, trigger and mix video clips with sound, animated text strings or live cameras in much the same way as mixing music to create a spectacular audiovisual show. GrandVJ can mix up to 8 layers with a vast library of video effects, transitions and sound driven visual generators.

ArKaos GrandVJ 2.5 Serial Number Features:

GrandVJ 2.5 currently includes the intuitive LED Mapper Extension, the flexible software solution from ArKaos to drive LED panels.The LED Mapper extension for GrandVJ allows mapping of the server’s video output directly to any configuration of LED panels without the need of using expensive hardware to convert video signal (VGA or DVI) into Art-Net signal.

Your Kling-Net devices will be automatically recognized by the software, after which you can place them on the Canvas. By using Kling-Net, you can forget about Art-Net, DMX, nodes, addressing and everything else. It is all done for you. Download ArKaos GrandVJ 2.5 Full Version (cracked license) can send layer or cells output to virtual “surfaces” in the VideoMapper extension. These surfaces can be scaled, deformed, and assigned to any physical output.

GrandVJ runs on both PC and Mac and accepts all common video and image formats. Its intuitive interface lets you turn your keyboard into a super controller for zipping through the functions. Need more? GrandVJ’s learn mode makes it a breeze to set up any MIDI controller and with support for the network based OSC protocol you can even control GrandVJ with an iPhone or an iPad. Hook it up and start the show!

This new release of GrandVJ adds highly anticipated features like:
– Spout output.
– The DMX Merger in the LEDMapper with GrandVJ XT.
– Support for complex DMX fixtures like moving heads.
– Improved Art-Poll based node discovery in the LEDMapper.
– Auto-unicast for easier and optimized Art-Net network setup.
– Support for Draft Devices in the Kling-Net Mapper to prepare shows offline.
– All applications running in 64 bits.

Installation Instructions:

1- Open [ArKaos_GrandVJ_2_5.exe] and install the software.
2- Do not open the program. Close it completely.
3- Copy “arkaos.grandvj-patch.exe” to installation directory.
4- Run the patch as admin and do the patch.
5- Enjoy ArKaos GrandVJ XT 2.5 Crack & Key Free Download Full Version.


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