Boom 2.1.3 Cracked Full MacOSX

Boom 2.1.3 Final is a quick, simple, hassle-free music player, developed by the creators of and an essential audio booster and equalizer for Mac computers that changes the way you consume audio, video, music and movie streams and any other media by completely enhancing the sound Mac. Boom 2.1.3 Free Download doesn’t require installation and automatically reads and plays the audio files on your computer, no matter which folder they’re stored in. The program works with all popular formats and delivers high-quality audio.

Boom 2 1.3 Serial Number used for Intelligent and optimal file audio boosting transforms all the audio that comes out of your Mac to make it sound louder, clearer and better. It calibrates itself to suit your Mac and offers fully customizable features. Now everything, including all your favorite services like Netflix, Skype, Spotify, iTunes etc.

Boom 2 Patch comes with a free remote app for the iPhone and iPad that can control Boom 2’s features along that of VLC, Spotify, QuickTime & iTunes on the Mac! Also, Boom 2 is fully compatible with OS X’s VoiceOver assistance feature to help those who are visually impaired.


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