Solid Angle Arnold for Maya 2018-2017 Full (Win-Mac)

Solid Angle Arnold for Maya 2018-2017 Full (Win-Mac)

Arnold for Maya 2018 / 2017 + Crack download for Mac and Windows is is available at Softasm. MtoA is a plug-in for Autodesk Maya which provides a bridge to the Arnold rendering system from within the standard Maya interface. Once installed, and the plug-in loaded in Maya, all you need to do is select Arnold rendering in Maya to start rendering your scenes. Arnold is a global illumination system incorporating modern ray tracing and physically based shading techniques. Arnold offers greater speed, more power and higher quality. This gives studios using Arnold a distinct competitive advantage – especially in big-budget productions.

Arnold for Maya 2018 Key Features:
Seamless integration with Maya shapes, cameras, lights and shaders.
Image Based Lighting support, including a state of the art physical sky.
Interactive rendering (IPR) allows parameter changes to be rapidly previewed without interrupting your work.
Support for volume rendering with Maya Fluids.
Support for Maya Hair and nHair.
Particles and nParticles support, including particle instancer.
Defer the creation of geometry at render time with the Stand-in placeholder nodes.
Productivity boost: override sets, holdout mattes, shadow catcher, passes, UDIM style textures, and arbitrary primvar data.
Extensible through plug-ins (Golaem, FumeFX for Maya, Yeti, Shave & Haircut).
XGen integration.
Texturable geometric lights.
Deep EXR.
Rendering of curves.

An efficient raytraced curve primitive makes Arnold the perfect choice for rendering fur and hair using very little memory. Its hair shader has double offset speculars, transmission and is specifically designed to reduce flickering of thin hairs.

Accurate 3D motion blur correctly interacts with shadows, volumes, indirect lighting, reflection or refraction. Deformation motion blur is extremely efficient and works for polygons, hairs and particles. Rotational motion describes precise circular arcs.

Our raytracing-based sub-surface scattering approach makes tuning point clouds a thing of the past. It’s easy to use, requires no additional memory, supports motion-blurred lighting, interactive lighting and its performance scales optimally as more CPU threads are used.

The volumetric rendering system is based on proprietary importance sampling algorithms and can render effects such as smoke, clouds, fog, pyroclastic flow or fire. Volumes interact with direct and indirect lighting from arbitrary area light sources. Supports OpenVDB and MayaFluids.

Thanks to an easy to use C++ API with Python bindings, TDs and programmers can integrate Arnold in external applications, and create custom shaders, cameras, light filters and output drivers. Arnold has been integrated into many apps, both commercial and proprietary.

Arnold is carefully multi-threaded and makes optimal use of all available CPU threads. Even for traditionally single-threaded operations such as loading of procedural geometry, displacement or ray accel construction. Hyper-threading provides a solid 20% speedup.

Software Name: Arnold for Maya (MtoA) v2.0.2.2
Software Type: Autodesk Maya plug-in
SoftwareDeveloper: Solid Angle S.L.
Release Date: September 20, 2017
Interface Language: English
Platform: Autodesk Maya 2018/2017 64-bit ONLY.

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Installation Instructions by
1- Open [MtoA-] and install the software.
2- Start the RLM executable to float the solidangle.lic.
If you already have a RLM server up and running just copy the .lic and .set file to your RLM directory and reread/restart your server.
Note: You have 2 options to let the Arnold plugin know where your RLM server is running:
a) Create an environment variable: [email protected] (change port and server if necessary)
b) Use the provided “solidangle_client.lic” file. Search in your plugin installation folder for ai.dll on Windows on Linux, and libai.dylib on OSX and copy the “solidangle_client.lic” file there (change port and server if necessary).
3- That’s all. Enjoy the final full version.

Solid Angle Arnold for Maya 2018-2017 Full (Win-Mac)
Title : Download Arnold for Maya 2018/2017
Manufacturer: Solid Angle 2017
Shared on: 29/09/2017
Category: 3D/Animation
System Requirements: Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 10 (x64). Compatible with Maya 2017 and Maya 2018.