O&O SafeErase 12 Crack + Serial (Professional / Server)

O&O SafeErase 12 Pro + Server Editions With Serial Keys Free Download is a tool for securely removing confidential data from your hard drive. With one mouse click you can safely and permanently delete files, folders or entire partitions. This tool has five recognized methods of definitively deleting files. The program has complete integration with the Windows system and allows you to safely delete data from the recycle bin. Download SafeErase 12 Crack has a built-in wizard that legibly guides less advanced users through all the necessary functions of the program.

O&O SafeErase Professional 12.0.34 Crack + Serial Key Download allows you to delete data in several ways to be sure that deleted files will not be recovered even by professional companies. In addition to the ability to delete typical files, O & O SafeErase also allows you to clear traces of our activity on the Internet by deleting data from the browsing history, cookies and any temporary files collected on your computer while browsing the web. All the most popular Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer browsers are supported.

The new O&O SafeErase 12.1.64 provides increased protection for confidential data, especially while surfing the internet, and it supports all current browser versions. Cookies, form data or even internet history that Microsoft Edge saves can be deleted individually or in groups. Chrome extensions are supported for Google Chrome so that data that it might have saved can also be permanently deleted. Bookmarks and the history in Mozilla Firefox can be deleted separately.

Deleting the entire computer allows you to permanently delete all confidential files before you dispose of, sell, or give your computer away. All files, settings, applications and the operating system itself are deleted so that a file recovery is impossible.

– safe deletion of data,
– erase data, move files and folders securely,
– various settings for safe deletion,
– detailed reports,
– multi-core processor support,
– delete an entire computer, no boot medium necessary,
– securely delete files and partitions,
– secure transfer of files and directories,
– adapted deletion method for SSDs (TRIM),
– six methods of safe deletion of confidential data,
– full integration with Windows explorer,
– a tool to search for dangerous deleted files.

Installation Instructions by Softasm:
1- Open [OOSafeErase12ProfessionalEnu_Setup.exe] for 32-bit or [OOSafeErase12Professional64Enu_Setup.exe] for 64-bit and install the software.
2- Close Internet connection and use the provided Name/Company/Serial.
3- Block program with firewall.
4- That’s all. Enjoy the final full version.


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