FILERECOVERY 2016 Pro Enterprise + KeyGen

FILERECOVERY 2016 Enterprise and Professional Edition is a free and useful program to recover lost data from your hard drive. Using this tool we can quickly find and restore files that have been lost or accidentally deleted from your computer. The program supports FAT and NTFS file systems, as well as searches for all types of files.

FILERECOVERY 2016 Pro Enterprise Crack Features:

FILERECOVERY 2016 Pro Latest recovers data not only from the hard drive, but also from a mobile device type. Thanks to the convenient Wizard, application support is extremely simple. Before the beginning of the search process, we need to provide the name of the file and its corresponding format, that we are going to recover. Then the program automatically starts searching and once finished the process of scanning, it will display a detailed list with the results.

Disk Diagnostics

* Run block analysis to detect bad blocks
* See the different volumes of a disk
* Get details on the usage of the blocks
* Get detailed S.M.A.R.T. analysis and drive information

Disk Tools

* Create Image – write the selected disk to an image file.
* Good when a drive failing, needs to be recovered, or returned to service.
* Restore Image – writes an existing image file to the selected disk.
* Copy Disk – copies the selected disk directly to another destination disk.
* Great for copying large hard drives.

View Disk (Hex Viewer)

* View the selected disk in a hex editor and search manually for data.
* Choose this option to view the selected disk contents by the help of a hex viewer.
* It allows you to search the disk by hex patterns.

E-Mail Recovery

* This feature allows the user to view and recover items from the selected e-mail database
* showing both existing and deleted e-mails for printing or saving/recovering to hard disk.
* Supported email clients include Outlook Express, Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla,
* Becky and Eudora.


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