Hotspot Shield Elite 4.4.6 for Android Cracked

Hotspot Shield Elite 4.4.6 Modded VPN Proxy AdFree – HotSpot Shield is an excellent application, specially designed for WiFi networks (although also works with other types of connections), which allows us to carry out our safe and private network connections because us connects through a VPN proxy. It improves the security and privacy of your connections.

This characteristic makes it indispensable when we want to connect via public, accessible Wi-Fi networks for free as those offered by many universities as well as some town halls, but maintaining a secure connection.
It avoids the regional restrictions with Hotspot Shield 4.4.6 APK Full.

It is also an excellent solution to be able to connect without restrictions to web sites that offer online content, but that only allow access if you have an IP of the country (usually in the United States), since when you connect through a proxy you can make that connection seems to be coming from that country.

Another advantage that Hotspot Shield offers is to allow you to continue downloading from direct download pages when we have already exceeded the download limit. Thus, without turning off the router, we can change IP by simply disconnecting and starting the program again.

Installation Instructions:

Download and copy “” to your phone or SD card.
Open your phone or SD card and install the program.
That’s all. Enjoy¬†Hotspot Shield Elite 4.4.6 APK Latest Download.


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